18—22.10.2021, Belgrade, Serbia
Virtual conference

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Keynote Speakers

Yuri Kivshar Nonlinear Nanophotonics and Metasurfaces   (abstract)  
Boris Malomed Singular nonlinear bound states and vortices in attractive potentials   (abstract)  
Sergei D. Odintsov Use Axion modified gravity cosmology   (abstract)  
James Yorke The equations of nature and the nature of equations   (abstract)  

Invited Speakers

Andrew Adamatzky Advances in computing with Belousov-Zhabotinsky medium   (abstract)  
Irina Ya. Arefeva Holographic Renormalization Group Flows   (abstract)   (slides)
Milivoj Belić Weird light propagation in strange and not-so-strange systems: From accelerating Airy to fractional Schrodinger beams   (abstract)   (slides)
Matthew Cartmell The terrestrial detection of frame dragging   (abstract)   (slides)
Livija Cvetićanin Homotopijske metode u nelinearnoj mehanici    
Nenad Filipović How far we are from insilico clinical trials for cardiovascular disease?   (abstract)   (slides)
Luka Popović Supermassive binary black holes in centers of galaxies - theory vs. observations   (abstract)  
Miguel A. F. Sanjuan Binary Black Hole Shadows: Chaos in General Relativity   (abstract)  
Bosiljka Tadić Modeling dynamics of magnetization reversal in geometrically-frustrated nanonetworks   (abstract)   (slides)
Igor V. Volovich Integrability of quantum and classical dynamical systems   (abstract)   (slides)
Ryo Yoshida Self-oscillating polymer gels as novel biomimetic softmaterials   (abstract)  
Anatoly Zagorodny Thermodynamically induced geometry of self-gravitating systems    


Ivana Atanasovska Analysis of contact fatigue coupled with geometry and material nonlinearities by Theory of critical distances   (abstract)  
Corina Babalac Auxiliary equations for solving nonlinear evolutionary equations   (abstract)   (slides)
Radu Constantinescu Alternative approaches in finding travelling wave solutions for nonlinear evolutionary phenomena   (abstract)  
Goran Djordjevic Some Notes on the Time-Dependent Harmonic Oscillator   (abstract)  
Branko Dragovich On $p$-Adic Matter   (abstract)   (slides)
Lyudmila Efremova About Geometrically Integrable Discrete Dynamical Systems and Their Periodic Orbits   (abstract)   (slides)
Mirjana Filipovic The procedure of generating trajectory of motion of carrier conveyor for granular material in dependent of pod systems characteristics   (abstract)   (slides)
Fotios Georgiades Exact augmented perpetual manifolds define specifications for rigid body modes in mechanical systems   (abstract)  
Umaaran Gogilan Implementation of state observer-based conditioned reverse path method to the identification of a nonlinear system   (abstract)  
Katica R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih Angular velocity and intensity change of basic vectors of tangent space of a position vector of a material system kinetic particle in two generalized functional curvilinear coordinate system   (abstract)  
Bojana Ilic (Blagojevic) Global COVID-19 growth signatures used to characterize COVID-19 non-linear infection dynamics   (abstract)  
Bozidar Jovanovic Integrable canonical transformations   (abstract)  
Dusan Jovanovic Fluid Theory of Coherent Magnetic structures in Space Plasmas   (abstract)  
Predrag Jovanovic Graviton mass and Yukawa-like nonlinear correction to the gravitational potential: constraints from stellar orbits around the Galactic Center   (abstract)   (slides)
Ljubinko Kevac The procedure of generating trajectory of motion of carrier conveyor for granular material in dependent of pod systems characteristics   (abstract)  
Aleksandra Maluckov Scanning band topology by the modulation instability   (abstract)   (slides)
Vera Markasheva Asymptotic behavior of entire solutions for degenerate partial differential inequalities on Carnot-Carathéodory metric spaces and Liouville type results   (abstract)  
Sofija Markovic "Inferring COVID-19 severity determinants by combining epidemiological modeling and machine learning   (abstract)  
Stanko Nikolic The nature of optical rogue waves   (abstract)  
Paszkal Papp Spatial separation of precipitate in reactive media   (abstract)  
Stepa Paunovic Modelling the material nonlinearity of steel fibre reinforced concrete   (abstract)  
Nikola Petrovic Solving large classes of nonlinear partial differential equations by employing the Jacobi Elliptic function expansion method   (abstract)  
Alexander Prokopenya Periodic Motion of a Swinging Atwood's Machine   (abstract)   (slides)
Zvonko Rakaric A new mathematical and mechanical oscillatory model for the detection of ultra low frequency signals   (abstract)  
Andjela Rodic Investigating the SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission using a non-linear compartmental epidemiological model   (abstract)  
Vsevolod Sakbaev Dynamics of quantum states generated by the nonlinear Schrodinger equation   (abstract)   (slides)
Dmitry Serow Plane Quazicrystals and Four Colours Problem: Trivalent Graph Colouring and Wada Basins   (abstract)  
Sergey Shirmovsky Energy transformation mechanisms in microtubules   (abstract)  
Denis Shulga Quantum relaxation effects in Microtubules   (abstract)  
Vladimir Skarka Self-organized bridge connecting theory to experiments   (abstract)  
Jelena Stankovic Nonlocal de Sitter Gravity and its Cosmology   (abstract)  
Marko Stojanovic Attractor behaviour of the holographic inflation model with tachyon-type potentials   (abstract)  
Olena Vaneeva Symmetries and exact solutions of nonlinear models of physical and biological processes   (abstract)  
Slobodan Zdravkovic W-potentials in Nonlinear Biophysics of Microtubules   (abstract)  
Rade Zivaljevic The problem of envy-free division from the view point of algebraic topology   (abstract)